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filing boxes - student

OXFORD 2nd Life Filing box

The 24x32 2nd Life filing Box is made in France and has a cover made with recycled pre-consumption polypropylene. Thanks to its adhesive label the identification is much easier.

OXFORD Crossline Filing box

The Crossline filing box is made in France and is perfect to file documents. The content is safe thanks to the elastic closing system. It can be easily identified with the adhesive spine label.

OXFORD For Student Filing box

The filing box For Students is provided with a rigid cover for an optimum resistance. The coloured inside cover, spine label and elastic closure give an aesthetic finish thanks to the coloured contrasts with the black front cover.

OXFORD Hawai Filing box

The Hawaï Filing Box is made in France and is perfect to file your documents. The content is secured thanks to the press stud or the elastic closure.

OXFORD Oceanis Filing box

The Oceanis box cover contains 30% recycled plastic from used ropes from the marine industry. The box has a 24x32 format to be compatible with folders, A4 wallets and A4 documents or catalogues. Its 25mm wide spine can contain up to 200 sheets and has an adhesive label to facilitate the identification. The box is closed by beige flat elastic bands. It is available in 4 opaque colours: blue, turquoise, emerald green and black.

OXFORD Pulse Filing box

The different closure systems of Pulse filing box (press stud, elastic, tab) secure the contents. Its opaque polypropylene cover offers high resistance and it has an adhesive spine label to facilitate the identification.

OXFORD Top file + Filing Box

Oxford Top file + filing box offers 5 modern colors and unique design. The Filing box is equipped with an adhesive spine label for quick identification and with colored elastic closure straps

OXFORD Urban Filing Box

Urban filing box is perfect to store documents

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