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binders - professional

OXFORD 2nd Life Binder

The 2nd Life binder is made in France and has an adhesive label to make the identification easier. Its cover is made with recycled pre-consumption polypropylene.

OXFORD Crossline Binder

The Crossline binder in A4 format is made in France. It can easily be identified thanks to the adhesive spine label. The surface is unique and non-marking.

OXFORD Elegance binder

The Elegance ring binder for visit cards,19x29cm, is especially designed for cards of international format : 5,5x9cm. It contains perfectly smooth pockets and alphabetical dividers.

OXFORD Hawai Binder

The Hawaï binder is very rigid and made in France. It has a ring mechanism. It can be easily identified thanks to the label holder and the reversible label.

OXFORD Memphis Binder

The Memphis binder is made in France. Flexible and no cumbersome at all, it is perfect for a nomadic use or to file small reports. Thanks to the adhesive spine label, it can be easily identifiable.

OXFORD Osmose Binder

The A4 Osmose binder is made in France and its rigid polypropylene cover offers high resistance and a good stability in a vertical position. The adhesive spine label facilitates the identification.

OXFORD Polyvision Binder

The Polyvision ring binder has a smooth pocket to customise its cover, according to your desires and needs. It is supplied with an adhesive spine label to facilitate the identification.

OXFORD Urban Ring Binder

The Urban ring binder is perfect to archive your documents.

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