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Hawaï, clear and transparent solutions for your organisation. With Hawaï you can access your documents at a glance thanks to the translucent polypropylene cover. Take your daily recommended dose of vitamins and inspiration with these fresh and modern colours (anis green, purple, turquoise blue, grey and translucent), enhanced by its elegant mat/shiny aspect. Whatever the circumstances, Hawaï will protect and show your organisation with beauty.

OXFORD Hawai Folder

The Hawaï file folder is made in France. It guarantees a secure support of the documents thanks to the elastic or press stud closure. The translucent polypropylene cover insures an immediate visibility of the content.

OXFORD Hawai Binder

The Hawaï binder is very rigid and made in France. It is produced in 24x32, A4 or A5 format.

OXFORD Hawai Filing box

The Hawaï Filing Box is made in France and is perfect to file your documents. The content is secured thanks to the press stud or the elastic closure.

OXFORD Hawai Display book

The A4 Hawaï flexible display book is made in France. With standard or removable pockets, they are always perfectly smooth and transparent to facilitate readability.

OXFORD Hawai Sorter

The A4 Hawaï expandable sorter has a numerical indexation sheet for better customisation. It has 8 or 12 clear dividers with neutral tabs and it offers 3 flaps on the 3rd cover to store some documents.

OXFORD Hawai Card holder

The Hawaï card holder, with removable pockets, is provided with a rigid cover. The unique binding system is perfect to get organised and allows pockets to be easily removed and replaced at any time.

OXFORD Hawai Cut Flush Folder

The Hawaï document folder is perfect for reports, papers... Thanks to the corner lock, and the little lateral weld, the documents are perfectly maintained. The front cover is made with clear smooth polypropylene that offers a quick access to information.

OXFORD Hawai Lever arch file

The Hawaï lever arch file is the perfect tool for archiving. The translucent ultra-rigid polypropylene cover ensures an immediate visibility of the content and a perfect product condition through time.

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