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Do you always try to offer your pupils and students the very best? Your commitment deserves the best tools to achieve that goal. OXFORD Teachers notebooks have been developed and approved by professors to provide you with convenient, efficient organisational tools. You can choose the notebook best suited to your needs, as there are different products tailored to each academic level.

OXFORD Teachers Gradebook

The OXFORD Teachers mark book allows you to record marks for 7 classes. With only 44 pages, it is light and easy to carry around.

OXFORD Teachers Secondary School Notebook

The OXFORD Teachers Junior and Senior High notebook offers two notebooks contained in a transparent, 3-flap folder with an elastic closure: one notebook is for recording the marks of 10 different classes, and one is for planning each class’s lessons over 36 weeks.

OXFORD Teachers Preschool and Primary School Notebook

The OXFORD Teachers Preschool and Primary notebooks contain 3 sections so you can manage your class efficiently: administrative class management, assessment and notebook-diary to plan out each week’s teaching slots. Its 24x32 format makes it suitable for filing A4 sheets.

OXFORD Teachers Head Teacher Notebook

The OXFORD Teachers Head Teacher notebook offers a “general class” section so that each teacher can assess the general level of their class, and an “individual monitoring” section with one tab per pupil (35 tabs). Its 3-flap folder with an elastic closure fixed to the cover allows you to safely store a large number of documents.

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