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Osmose : Simply essential ! Two words that summarize perfectly the universe of this range. With its sobriety and its modern and resistant embossing, with a spiral pattern, Osmose combines all the characteristics to satisfy every use during all circumstances. The 5 opaque contemporary colours and the 4 translucent luminous colours will make this range essential.

OXFORD Osmose Folder

The Osmose folder is made in France. Its closure with a press stud or an elastic, secures the content. Its opaque polypropylene cover offers perfect confidentiality of the contents.

OXFORD Osmose Binder

The A4 Osmose binder is made in France and its rigid polypropylene cover offers high resistance and a good stability in a vertical position. The adhesive spine label facilitates the identification.

OXFORD Osmose Filing box

The 24x32 Osmose standard capacity filing box is made in France and the closure with a black metal press stud secures the content.

OXFORD Osmose Display book

The Osmose display book is made in France and its polypropylene cover offers high resistance. It contains smooth pockets with a top & side opening that allows an easy insertion of the documents.

OXFORD Osmose Sorter

The Osmose sorter, in 8 or 12 positions, can be in A4 or A5 format, either standard, expandable or with gussets. Its polypropylene cover offers high resistance and its content is secured thanks to a closure with an elastic.

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