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display book - professional

OXFORD Elegance display book

The Elégance display books are made in France. They contain PVC pockets that are perfectly smooth and transparent for a better readability. They are also anti-ink transfer and antistatic.

OXFORD Le Lutin display book

The A4 Le Lutin display book has a PVC cover that provides high resistance and flexibility.

OXFORD Tout-Terrain display book

The Tout-Terrain Display Books have removable bundles of perfectly smooth and transparent pockets made of polypropylene. They can hold 100 or 200 pockets and are available in black.

OXFORD Urban Display Book

The Urban display book has smooth pockets. Its translucent polypropylene cover ensures perfect visibility of the documents.

OXFORD Voltiplast display book

The Voltiplast Display Book with removable bundles of pockets is perfect for a professional use. They are available in opaque black, leather effect and can contain 60 or 100 pockets.

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