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OXFORD 2nd Life Folder

The A4 2nd Life file folder with elastics is made in France and has an adhesive label to make the identification easier. Its cover is made with recycled pre-consumption polypropylene.

OXFORD Crossline Folder

The A4 Crossline file folder with elastics is made in France. It distinguishes itself by the unique and stain resistant surface for a long lasting use.

OXFORD Hawai Folder

The Hawaï file folder is made in France. It guarantees a secure support of the documents. The translucent polypropylene cover insures an immediate visibility of the content.

OXFORD Memphis Folder

The A4 Memphis file folder with elastics is made in France. It is characterized by the unique and resistant texture, for a long-lasting use. It has an adhesive label for a quick identification.

OXFORD Osmose Folder

The A4 Osmose file folder with elastics is made in France and the closure with a French black flat elastic, secures the content. Its opaque polypropylene cover offers perfect confidentiality of the content and it has an adhesive spine label to facilitate the identification.

OXFORD Pastel Folder

The Pastel file folder is elegant and quick to manipulate. Its different sizes are very useful and compatible with many other products of Pastel range. It is available in 5 powdered, elegant and sweet colours.

OXFORD Polyvision Folder

The Polyvision file folder with elastics is made in France. It has a plastic pocket on the 1st cover to customise your organisation, according to your desires and your needs. The content is secured thanks to the French black flast elastic.

OXFORD Pulse Folder

The Pulse file folder with elastic or press stud is perfect to store and carry papers, booklets, samples. The closure is secure, and the opaque polypropylene cover ensures a perfect confidentiality of its content.

OXFORD School Life Folder

The School Life file folder has an adhesive spine label, to facilitate the identification. Thanks to the embossed material with vertical ridges on the exterior cover - plays a "grip" role - the folder has a better grasp while the taking in hand.

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