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filing boxes - school


The Color Life Filing box is furnished with an adhesive label for an easy identification and elastic closure. Assorted colors

OXFORD 2nd Life Filing box

The 24x32 2nd Life filing Box is made in France and has a cover made with recycled pre-consumption polypropylene. Thanks to its adhesive label the identification is much easier.

OXFORD School Life Filing box

The 24x32 School Life filing box has an adhesive spine label and it is easily identifiable. Thanks to the embossed material with vertical ridges on the exterior cover - plays a "grip" role - the box has better grasping while the taking in hand.

OXFORD Standard Collection filing box

The Standard Collection filing container is designed to hold 4 specific boxes and offers a compact organisation solution. The boxes are in A4 format for an average capacity of 120 sheets. The container is clear with boxes in a random colour among 3 translucent colours: Blue, Red, Green.


Nomad Box Oxford 24x32cm, with a spine of 25mm. Made of cardboard, assorted in 4 colors. Ultra resistant box, compact and easy to transport. High protection. Compatible with the SCRIBZEE® application.

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