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sorters - professional

OXFORD 2nd Life Sorter

The 2nd Life sorter has clear plastic dividers for better resistance over time. The removable index sheet on the cover allows to identify the sections/compartments easily. The content is secured thanks to the elastic closure. Its cover is made with recycled pre-consumption polypropylene.

OXFORD Crossline Sorter

The Crossline sorter, in A4 format, is provided with a customisable numerical index sheet. Thanks to the flaps on the 3rd cover, it is possible to file some documents.

OXFORD Hawai Sorter

The A4 Hawaï expandable sorter has a numerical indexation sheet for better customisation. It has 8 or 12 clear dividers with neutral tabs and it offers 3 flaps on the 3rd cover to store some documents.

OXFORD Memphis Sorter

The Memphis standard sorter answers to the organisation needs. Its opaque cover with its exclusive structured surface, anti-marks is very resistant. It has a numerical indexation, textual (removable paper indexation board) or coloured (coloured tabs).

OXFORD Osmose Recyc+ Sorter

The Osmose Recyc+ sorter is made of post consumer recycled polypropylene. It has an elasticated closure and 3-flaps at the end for quick document filing.

OXFORD Osmose Sorter

The Osmose sorter, in 8 or 12 positions, can be in A4 or A5 format, either standard, expandable or with gussets. Its polypropylene cover offers high resistance and its content is secured thanks to a closure with an elastic.

OXFORD Standard Collection sorter

The Standard Collection sorter has a slight sanded effect cover that provides optimum resistance to scratches and stains. It has 2 ways to identify tabs: by colour (coloured dividers) and/or by title (customisable and numerical index zone on the front cover).

OXFORD Top file + Sorter

Oxford Top file + sorter offers 4 modern colors and unique design. Made of resistant Multistrat technology offering a multi thickness card. The sorter is equipped with 8 or 12 numeric positions for quick identification and with grey elastic closure straps.

OXFORD Urban Sorter

The Urban sorter offers an expandable capacity and is a 2-in-1 product because it offers the advantages of a filing box combined with the advantages of a sorter.

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