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OXFORD Smart Charts

The meeting went well, and many ideas were generated. But at the end it’s always the same chore. Take photos of the sheets then straighten, crop and retouch them and save them as a digital file. Thanks to Smart Charts and the free SCRIBZEE® smartphone application, your notes can be converted into an image file, automatically retouched and easily shared. In addition, Smart Charts flipchart refill pads contain high-quality Optik Paper® which is compatible with all types of markers and pens.

OXFORD Smart Charts

With 6-hole punching for compatibility with most flipchart easels and stands. Specially coated 90gsm Optik Paper® to prevent marker bleed onto the next sheet. Perforated sheets for easy removal. Compatible with Scribzee®.

Oxford Self-adhesive Smart Charts

With removable and repositionable self-stick sheets that adhere to most surfaces. Simply detach the sheets from the flipchart and see all your ideas unfold. Perfect for brainstorming sessions, meetings and training sessions. Compatible with Scribzee®.

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