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display books - professional

OXFORD 2nd Life Display book

The A4 2nd Life Display-Book is made in France and its cover is made with recycled pre-consumption polypropylene. It contains smooth and transparent pockets to facilitate readability and their partial top & side opening allows better document insertion.

OXFORD Crossline Display book

The Crossline Display Book is made in France. It is supplied with a stain free cover that is scratch-resistant and has a real good thickness to guarantee it through time.

OXFORD Elegance display book

The Elégance display books are made in France. They contain PVC pockets that are perfectly smooth and transparent for a better readability. They are also anti-ink transfer and antistatic.

OXFORD Hawai Display book

The A4 Hawaï flexible display book is made in France. With standard or removable pockets, they are always perfectly smooth and transparent to facilitate readability.

OXFORD Hunter display books

The A4 Hunter Display Book is made in France. The perfectly smooth polypropylene pockets offer an excellent readability. A corner opening is designed on each pocket to facilitate document insertion. The flat opening is very practical and allows content viewing.

OXFORD Memphis Display book

The Memphis Display Book is made in France. It is characterized by a unique and resistant texture that provides durability. It is supplied with standard or removable pockets that can be smooth or embossed.

OXFORD Osmose Display book

The Osmose display book is made in France and its polypropylene cover offers high resistance. It contains smooth pockets with a top & side opening that allows an easy insertion of the documents.

OXFORD Polyvision Display book

The A4 Polyvision Display book is made in France. An A4 Cristal pocket on the front cover allows the customisation of your organisation according to your desires and your needs. Inside pockets, standard or removable, are smooth and perfectly transparent for clear visibility.

OXFORD Stand'Up display books

The Stand'Up Display Book is made in France. It is equipped with perfectly smooth and transparent pockets that have a corner opening to facilitate document insertion.

OXFORD Standard Collection display book

The Standard Collection display book with Flexam removable pockets has a rigid PVC leather embossed cover. The Flexam binding system is unique and allows pockets to be easily removed.

OXFORD Urban Display Book

The Urban display book has smooth pockets. Its translucent polypropylene cover ensures perfect visibility of the documents.

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