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OXFORD For Student

Students: Live it to the full and manage it all! With Students you will finally master your Student life: courses, internships, forms…We developped intelligent tools that are flexible and all-in-one for your intensive rhythm of life. Composed of black polypropylene but brightened with orange, turquoise blue or pink, these articles will adapt to your environment in all circumstances. Simple solutions at last to live it to the full and remain free ... and will manage it all!

OXFORD For Student Folder

The file folder For Students is functional and aesthetic. It offers a quick access to the documents.

OXFORD For Student Binder

The binder For Students is flexible and compact. It is perfect for a nomadic use. The coloured inside cover and elastic bring an aesthetic touch with the contrasted colours of the black cover.

OXFORD For Student Filing box

The filing box For Students is provided with a rigid cover for an optimum resistance. The coloured inside cover, spine label and elastic closure give an aesthetic finish thanks to the coloured contrasts with the black front cover.

OXFORD For Student Display book

The For Students Display book is made in France and has an elastic closure and a rigid cover for a better resistance that makes it ideal for a nomadic use.

OXFORD For Student Sorter

The For Students sorter is provided with a rigid cover for a better resistance. The organiser file is highlighted with the inside front cover, the dividers, the customisable index sheet and the elastic closure all fitted with two-tone contrasted colours.

OXFORD For Student Lever Arch File

The School Life Lever arch file is the perfect archiving solution. The ergonomic spine is thinner in the middle for an easier grip. The A4XL format prevents punched pockets and dividers with the same format to poke out.

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