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OXFORD Specialised pockets

Colored edges or business cards, photos, CDs, DVDs and brochure formats… Multi-use, these specialised punched pockets ensure an efficient protection and organisation.

OXFORD Colored punched pockets

These punched pockets have a coloured reinforcement strip and side. Beautiful and functional, the coloured touches allow to identify the content easily and to split it in the binder. The shiny colours will brighten up your filing.

OXFORD Punched pockets for business cards

These punched pockets are adapted to international business cards 5,5x9cm. Thanks to the smooth finish, the content is perfectly readable. The lateral opening of the compartments makes it easy to insert the visit cards.

OXFORD Punched pockets for photos

These punched pockets allow to file and preserve your photos. In portrait format, the compartments have a side opening for a better support of the photos. The pockets are smooth and offers perfect transparency.

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