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binders - personal

Binder Floral

Oxford Floral ring binder will bring a breath of fresh air to any workspace.

OXFORD 2nd Life Binder

The 2nd Life binder is made in France and has an adhesive label to make the identification easier. Its cover is made with recycled pre-consumption polypropylene.

OXFORD Color Life Ring binder

The COLOR LIFE Binder offers dynamic and modern colors. Made of a filmed cardboard, long lasting and resistant. The COLOR LIFE ring binder Easy & Lock Up is equipped with an adhesive spine label for quick identification. The A4 XL format is adapted for dividors and inner pockets. Available in assorted colors.

OXFORD Hawai Binder

The Hawaï binder is very rigid and made in France. It is produced in 24x32, A4 or A5 format.

OXFORD Oceanis Binder

The Oceanis binder cover contains 30% recycled plastic from used ropes from the marine industry.It has a good filing capacity of approximately 250 sheets. It has a 4-ring mechanism and an adhesive label on the spine to identify the contents. The large A4XL format allows punched pockets and dividers of the same size not to protrude from the binder. It is available in 4 opaque colours: blue, turquoise, emerald green and black.

OXFORD Osmose Recyc+ Binder

The Osmose Recyc+ binder is made in France. Its opaque cover is made of post consumer recycled polypropylene. Its rigidity and thickness bring high resistance and stability in a vertical position. The adhesive spine label facilitates the identification.

OXFORD Polyvision Binder

The Polyvision ring binder has a smooth pocket to customise its cover, according to your desires and needs. They are in orientation Portrait or Landscape

OXFORD Pulse Binder

The A4 Pulse binder is made in France and its polypropylene cover offers high resistance. The adhesive spine label facilitates the identification.

OXFORD Standard Collection binder

The A4XL ring binder Standard Collection is made in France and can hold 250 sheets on average. The A4XL format prevents punched pockets and dividers to poke out from the binder.

OXFORD Touch' Ring binder

The OXFORD Touch A4XL 4-ring binder is backed in a 4-color Soft Touch.

OXFORD Urban Ring Binder

The Urban ring binder is perfect to archive your documents.

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