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OXFORD Standard Collection

Oxford Standard Collection: for the daily filing! Those products are timeless and guarantee the necessary quality for an optimum use.

OXFORD Standard Collection binder

The A4XL ring binder Standard Collection is made in France and can hold 250 sheets on average. The A4XL format prevents punched pockets and dividers to poke out from the binder.

OXFORD Standard Collection cut flush folder

A3 or A4 format, double or simple, clear or colorful, the cut flush folder Standard Collection protects your documents and make your organisation easier.

OXFORD Standard Collection punched pocket

A3 or A4 format, for a daily or intense use, smooth or embossed, in PVC or polypropylene, the punched pocket Standard Collection protects your documents and make your organisation easier.

OXFORD Standard Collection bookcover

Clear or colorful, in PVC or polypropylene, the Collection Standard roll is perfect to cover and protect all your books.

OXFORD Standard Collection sorter

The Standard Collection sorter has a slight sanded effect cover that provides optimum resistance to scratches and stains. It has 2 ways to identify tabs: by colour (coloured dividers) and/or by title (customisable and numerical index zone on the front cover).

OXFORD Standard Collection document holder

The Standard Collection document holders are ideal to protect driving license, passport, credit card, car registration document…etc. In polypropylene or PVC, your belongings will always be organised in those flexible and resistant document holders.

OXFORD Standard Collection filing box

The Standard Collection filing container is designed to hold 4 specific boxes and offers a compact organisation solution. The boxes are in A4 format for an average capacity of 120 sheets. The container is clear with boxes in a random colour among 3 translucent colours: Blue, Red, Green.

OXFORD Standard Collection card holder

The Standard Collection card holder with removable Variozip pockets is perfect to get organised. Its pockets can be easily removed or replaced to reorganise the content.

OXFORD Standard Collection display book

The Standard Collection display book with Flexam removable pockets has a rigid PVC leather embossed cover. The Flexam binding system is unique and allows pockets to be easily removed.

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