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OXFORD Oceanis Display book

The Oceanis display book cover contains 30% recycled plastic from used ropes from the marine industry. It is equipped with 40 smooth pockets with a top & side opening that allows an easy insertion of the documents. It is available in 4 opaque colours: blue, turquoise, emerald green and black.

OXFORD School Life Pastel display book

The A4 School Life Display Book has an elastic closure to secure the content. Thanks to the embossed cover made with Vertical stripes - easy grip feature -, it gives better adhesion when picked up. It is eqquiped with an inside pocket to store documents temporarly before filing them and it is provided with a big customisable label on the front cover. The perfectly smooth and transparent pockets offer a partial top & side opening to facilitate document insertion. Available in 40, 60 or 80 pockets, among 5 pastel colors (blue, pink, yellow, purple, green).

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