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Oxford Openflex

Oxford OpenFlex

Walking with an Openflex notebook in the rain? No problem.
With this notebook, there’s no need to be picky – it can adapt to almost any situation…
Thanks to OpenFlex and its hard-wearing polypro cover, you can write as you please!

Oxford Openflex
Oxford Openflex
Oxford Openflex

Its translucent polypro cover is waterproof and highly resistant. No more scratches or tears, and no need for a notebook protector!

Oxford Openflex

Thanks to an exclusive, patented technology, OpenFlex notebooks open perfectly flat. So you can write more comfortably.

Oxford Openflex

Thanks to the blank page behind the translucent cover, the notebook can be personalised with a name, class, subject or any other creative idea.

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OPTIK PAPER+ offers an incomparable ‘high definition’ writing experience: a paper that ink does not bleed through, perfect whiteness, a soft, silky feel, very good opacity, high resistance to tearing and sharply drawn, smudge-free writing.

Optik paper +, the ink does not bleeed through