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Oxford Touch' Notebooks

Oxford Touch'

Touch', a gentle touch for the school year

Working is all very well, but if you can do it while wrapped in softness and beautiful colours, that’s even better!
We may not be able to compete with your cat’s fur, but we can promise you peach-skin feel cover that will bring you a little relaxation!

Oxford Touch' Notebooks
Oxford Touch' Notebooks
Oxford Touch' Notebooks

The cover of the Touch’ notebook is made of card, coated with an ultra-soft laminate that feels like peach skin.

Oxford Touch' Notebooks

The cover of the Touch’ notebook has been specially designed to evoke the softness of touch.
The colours are ultra-trendy and inspired by the pastel world, with warm, soft tones.

Oxford Touch' Notebooks

The rounded corners prevent the pages from folding and becoming damaged, for a more durable notebook.

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