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Oxford International

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Oxford International, for demanding professionals

Do you like to keep your projects under control, your ideas clear and organised because every minute counts in your busy schedule? Oxford has thought of you and created International, the range designed for demanding professionals to help them get organised and work faster.
From now on, nothing will stop you from bringing your projects to life.

Oxford International Active Book
Oxford International NomadBook

Oxford International, no project is too big for a clear head

The concept behind Oxford International is simple but powerful: to offer a range range of intelligently designed notebooks dedicated to helping professionals manage their projects projects, stay organised and present a professional professional image wherever they are.

Since its creation in 1994, OXFORD International has the preferred choice for demanding decision-makers.

Oxford International OrganiserBook
Oxford International ManagerBook

Structured, well-organised notes

A double margin for noting the what, who and when, and the title-date zone makes it easy to find the notes you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Detachable sheets for easy storage

The sheets are easy to detach thanks to the micro-perforations on the side. The perforations make it easy to insert them into a binder.

Compatible with scribzee

Scan, organise and consult your notes whenever and wherever you want, and even search through handwritten content.

Oxford Organiserbook, the all-in-one notebook, sorter and patented folder.

The patented Oxford International Organiserbook is ideal for keeping organised on business trips, as it includes a pocket and dividers for sorting and storage. At the end of the notebook, 6 dividers allow you to organise your documents and an integrated 3-flap folder with elastic bands provides extra security for storing bulky documents or carrying your smartphone and pen safely. Elasticated fasteners ensure that the contents of the notebook remain secure while you’re on the move.

Oxford International OrganiserBook
Oxofrd International OrganiserBook
Oxford International Dividers

ORGANISATION: 6 removable, easy-to-reposition dividers to organise your notes or divide your notebook into several sections.

Oxford Organiserbook storage pocket

STORAGE: A 3-flap folder with elastic closure is included at the end of the notebook to keep your notes and documents safe.

Oxford International Index page

IDENTIFICATION: An index page allows you to identify the contents of your notebook, for quick and efficient organisation.

Oxford International Notebook, simple and effective!

The Notebook International is the best-selling professional notebook in Europe. Its double-spiral cover is hard-wearing and its pages are designed to optimise note-taking, with a header to indicate the date or subject and a double margin for noting the important elements on the page.

Oxford International Notebook

Oxford Activebook, professional and robust

Designed to adapt to a nomadic lifestyle, Activebook is the ideal companion when you’re thanks to its tough, rigid polypropylene cover polypropylene cover, providing optimum protection for your notes, ideas and projects in all circumstances.

Oxford International Activebook
Oxford International Activebook
Oxford International Activebook repositionable divider

ORGANISATION: This Activebook comes with a repositionable divider. It can also be used as a page marker and is easy to reposition wherever you want.

Oxford International storage pocket

PRACTICAL: There’s a storage pocket at the front of the Activebook so you can keep your documents safe and transport them easily.

Oxford International resistant cover

RESISTANCE: The cover is made of smooth, opaque polypro. It ensures a supple, sturdy notebook that will resist scratches, splashes and tears.

Oxford International Filingbook, your organisation's ally

The Filingbook offers two features to help you organise and keep your work on track. With its distinctive coloured borders and removable dividers, the Filingbook gives you a clear and intuitive way to segment and structure your notes and documents.

Oxford International Filingbook

Oxford Meetingbook, all-in-one notebook and folder

Beyond its function as a note-taking tool, Meetingbook embodies versatility and redefines the notion
of mobility. Its clever 3-flap pocket with elastic bands
pocket on the back cover provides dedicated storage space for your essential documents, notes or accessories that are on business trips.

Oxford International Tiny
Oxford International Meetingbook
Oxford International Meetingbook

ORGANISATION: A 3-flap folder with elastic band is included to keep your documents safe. The side flap can be used as a bookmark so you can quickly find your first blank page.

Oxford International Meetingbook

PRACTICAL: Rigid backboard between the last sheet and the folder allows for comfortable note-taking until the very last page.

Oxford international Meetingbook

CLOSING: The elastic closure secures the contents of the notebook in all circumstances.

Never lose your notes with Oxford International Notepad.

This notepad is perfect for optimising and organising your notes.
Thanks to its cardboard back, which provides a stable surface for
surface for writing without a pad, and staples discreetly
discreetly placed on the back of the pad, preventing damage to your desk,
this notepad is the epitome of practicality.

Oxford International Notepad

Oxford Managerbook, for project management

For professionals constantly engaged in a multitude of projects, faced with tight deadlines and retroplannings, the Managerbook is an indispensable tool.

Oxford International Managerbook

Oxford International Addressbook, the telephone directory

This International range telephone book is designed to stand the test of time. Its tough, washable polypropylene cover cover guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring your contacts are protected. With a storage capacity of over 1,000 contacts and correction labels included for clean correction of errors or changes, the Addressbook becomes the trusted partner for backing up and managing all your important contacts.

Oxford International Addressbook

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