OPTIK PAPER®: the difference that even non-specialists can perceive...

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You don’t need to be an expert to recognise great paper: paper that does not bleed, paper that is perfectly white, paper that is soft and smooth to touch, paper resistant to tearing, that enables sharp writing without smudges or show through.

Optik Paper features

OXFORD has developed its unique quality standard called OPTIK PAPER® to meet this high specification. OPTIK PAPER® gives you a first class writing experience that is unparalleled. The tip of the pen glides effortlessly across the page and your writing is perfectly defined.

Rediscover the joy of writing in a way that suits you best: for whatever you are writing, whatever the type of pen you use, OPTIK PAPER® ensures clear writing with no smudges. With OPTIK PAPER® the ink does not bleed or soak through the paper: you can use both sides of the page without being hindered by what you wrote on the other side. Its whiteness, brings out your notes without being so bright it causes visual fatigue.

Oxford OPTIK PAPER® vs. most papers available on the market 

Optik Paper vs Others



Providing the best tools for success

At OXFORD, we believe that everyone deserves to be able to use the best tools to give them the best chance of success with their writing. OPTIK PAPER® gives you peace of mind when it comes to studying, working or expressing your ideas for your personal projects, with the feeling of being able to realise your potential. Our high quality standards also incorporate compliance with the most stringent environmental standards. Since OPTIK PAPER® is always manufactured using wood from sustainably managed forests and forestry operations that are PEFC or FSC® certified. This resulted in OXFORD being the first brand of notebook to receive the European Ecolabel for its paper products. Such official recognition testifies to the environmental quality of OPTIK PAPER®.