OXFORD and Evernote are now working together have teamed up to offer even greater performance and efficiency at college or university, at work or on the go!

Already a user of Evernote and the OXFORD connected notebook range?

  • Download SCRIBZEE® and create your account.
  • Select the spanner icon on the main screen to access your SCRIBZEE® settings.
  • Enter your Evernote account settings in “Other Accounts” and confirm. Your SCRIBZEE® account is now linked to your Evernote account.

All notes scanned with SCRIBZEE® will be automatically synchronised in your Evernote default folder. Your pages of notes can still be consulted in the SCRIBZEE® app.

Are you an Evernote user?

Discover the power of Evernote with OXFORD notebooks.

Enjoy the pleasure of writing on Optik Paper® exclusive to OXFORD in developing your ideas, planning your projects or taking notes, and export your handwritten pages automatically from your OXFORD notebook to Evernote.

Do you use OXFORD notebooks?

Evernote is a productivity app that allows you to capture, enhance and share your ideas on any device you choose. It has over 150 million users in 140 countries.

In Evernote, you collate and centralise all your content in note form. A to-do list job list, an e-mail, a document, an attachment, a sketch... a note can contain anything you want. Once it has been created, you can access it wherever you may be – for ever.

Simply capture a note once for it to be instantly available on all your devices. No worries about remembering where you saved it. You will find it in Evernote. And Evernote follows you everywhere.

You keep your documents, images and other notes for a very good reason. That’s why Evernote helps you find them again easily. You can even search for handwritten words buried in your notes.

Handwritten notes can be exported automatically from your OXFORD notebook to Evernote and filed in folders with your other content.

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