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Pastel range : Filing, with a decorative spirit ! Enhanced with soft and powdered colours, highlighted with a silver signature, the filing products have never been so harmonious and adapted to your interior. The smooth and matt surface offers a soft and enjoyable touch. The products have been thought for a nomadic use, at home or at work.

OXFORD Pastel Folder

The Pastel file folder is elegant and quick to manipulate. Its different sizes are very useful and compatible with many other products of Pastel range. It is available in 5 powdered, elegant and sweet colours.

OXFORD Pastel Binder

The Pastel ring binder has an ergonomic spine that makes it easier to grab from a shelf. Thanks to its A4XL format, the A4XL punched pockets and dividers don't stick out from the binder.

OXFORD Pastel Filing box

The Pastel storage box is perfect to store A4 documents or photos that may take too much space in our office or living room! Long lasting thanks to high thickness of its material.

OXFORD Pastel Display book

Made in France, the Pastel display book can contain A4 document or even photography. The smooth and transparent pockets offer immediate readability.

OXFORD Pastel Sorter

The Pastel sorter is perfect to store and carry documents. Its cover, in opaque polypropylene, protects the content’s privacy.

OXFORD Pastel Card holder

The Pastel business card holder, in A6 format, is perfect for your handbag to carry and gather, in the same content, all fidelity cards, business cards and credit cards…even your instant pictures.

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