Our ethos

At OXFORD, we believe handwriting is a key part of learning and expanding our minds.
We believe in the power of education - lifelong education.

We believe that writing notes is much more than just putting words down on paper.
It’s about bringing ideas and projects to life… and making amazing things happen.
But to succeed, everyone deserves the best material,
highest-quality tools, for more powerful writings.
This is why we are turning paper into smart paper,
by giving it the power of digital.
To help the words break out of the page and push your ideas beyond the limits.

We’re going to revolutionize handwriting.
And create products inspired by the generations to come.

To be …
Free to write
Free to share
Free to move forward

To always think big and dare to write our own future


Our key motivators: quality, innovation and empathy

Ink does not bleed through the paper, it is pure white, feels soft and silky and does not tear easily. Writing neatly on OPTIK PAPER® is effortless. This emphasis on excellence therefore equips users to perform to the very best of their ability with confidence.
Innovation has always been part of our DNA: school diaries, detachable leaves, multi-section notebooks with repositionable dividers, notebook-folders, notebook-organizers and even the SCRIBZEE® app, which lets you save, organise and share your handwritten notes on the cloud. All of these innovations have been developed by closely watching and listening to users of OXFORD products, and making it our business at all times to continuously enhance the complete process - from writing and notetaking through to using what has been written down to the best possible effect.
We are aware that we all have different approaches to writing and so we try to develop the optimum solution for the widest range of people rather than design a one-size-fits-all product. This empathy with our diverse user base prompted OXFORD to develop the school diary in 1971, the first series of notebooks and notepads for discerning professionals in 1994, and the range tailored specifically to student needs in 2003. The best for each individual, and OXFORD for all!

OXFORD communications

OXFORD notebooks and diaries’ communications regularly remind the general public that the brand exists to empower them with its “Power In Your Hands” products.»
With OXFORD, each individual can feel motivated and confident about tackling their studies and professional or personal projects.  

2016: OXFORD - Supporting people who never give up - Cool Robot

Study, write, make a mistake,
delete, re-write, not even be close,
take notes, be on the wrong track,
delete everything.

Start again, get close, persist, find,
continue, again and again, never let
up until you succeed and make it.

Because a mistake is not a sin,
because we learn from our
mistakes, never give up.

Full movie :

Agency Gyro:Paris  https://www.gyro.paris/ 

About us

The OXFORD notebook and diary brand is one of the flagship brands of the Hamelin company, a family business based in Caen and founded in 1864. A major player in the stationary field, Hamelin is also an established presence in the filing products market (ELBA).
 OXFORD – some facts and figures:

  • The leading European notebook manufacturer.
  • Over 60 million notebooks and diaries sold in Europe and worldwide.
  • 3.8 billion sheets of paper produced per year, representing 240,000 km2, i.e. the surface area of the United Kingdom.
  • 5 certified production plants, all in Europe.
  • 2,000 notebook, diary and folder enthusiasts who monitor product quality daily and are working to invent the paper of the future.
  • The first brand to be awarded the EU Ecolabel for converted paper products in 2016.
  • 100% of OXFORD products are manufactured with FSC® or PEFC® certified writing paper.

OXFORD’s advertising history

2015 - The Flying Notebooks

2014 - The Library

2013 - Shining park

A group of friends, both boys and girls, shared a dream: a midnight ride using longboard skates just lit up by their unexpected shining sweaters. That is their Big Project and it‘s all about living a unique exhilarating moment that make them enjoying in accord and urge them to go beyond their usual limits. Concentration they shown when fixing the challenge, motivation they drawn when searching ideas, intelligence and resourcefulness they called when finding solutions, reflect their passion to express themselves freely and completely. OXFORD is by their side all along their Big Project because leaving your dreams in your preferred notebook care is a way to reach your own excellence: you can trust yourself and trust in your ideas, you can share them with friends and make them real. With OXFORD, excellence is strong and fun aspiration when you can share with others and achieve.

2010-2012 - The Stairs


2007-2009: The Wind

While sat down on a bench, a young girl suddenly plunges into her fantasy world when the pages of her OXFORD notebook are flipped by the wind and release her dreams, her fears and her aspirations. Going successively from a battlefield to a sailing ship, from a night-club into a university hall, the young student is finally facing the choices she will make as an adult. She can feel the strength and the self-confidence she needs to face her future and succeed her life to the full. These are exactly the OXFORD values she can feel through her OXFORD notebook.


2002-2006: The Library

In a library which seems to be directly coming out from an Harry Potter movie, two young students, a girl and a boy, become magicians thanks to their OXFORD notebooks and start a loving but violent joust. As soon as they write on their OXFORD notebooks their wishes come to life to hit the adversary: pouring down a glass of water, sliding away a chair, launching a sword, burning the floor, etc. A fantasy world lived to the full by the two young sparring partners where their feelings are expressed in a frenzy of passions. Their OXFORD notebook represents the power of their mind to make things possible the way they desire. Expressing oneself in an OXFORD notebook is more than just writing words. Because it structures thoughts and increase power of abstraction, it is the simpliest and most accessible way to realize ideas, projects and fulfil ones dreams.


Oxford is a brand of the Hamelin group : Hamelinbrands website

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