As a family group, HAMELIN favours a long view rather than focus exclusively on short-term profit.   
We believe in human potential and are keen to foster talent and skills by offering our consumers the most innovative, useful, and sustainable products to support their studies and projects.
Furthermore, we are committed to continuously reducing our environmental footprint throughout the product lifecycle.


  • Our code of conduct: HAMELIN’s aim is to ensure the development, motivation and effectiveness of its employees through training and skills enhancement. In 2016, HAMELIN introduced a Code of Conduct to set out key guidelines for fostering a friendly and collaborative working environment. HAMELIN measures employee satisfaction every three years against the following criteria:   Ethics; Respect; Credibility; Pride; Friendliness.
  • Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental certification: Since June 2016, integrated management system at 21 HAMELIN group European sites have been certified ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliant. This triple certification means that we can continue to build on product’s quality, customer confidence and environmental performance, as well as employee working conditions.    


Our objective is to revisit our products continuously to optimise their environmental footprint using ecodesign and ecolabelling.

  • Our L.E.D Programme (Leading Eco Design): We are working to reduce the environmental footprint of our products throughout their lifecycle, from paper production and manufacturing of notebooks and diaries, to transport and end of life.
OXFORD CO2 Allocation, Sustainability

Virginie Ori, Sustainable Development Director

“Our ecodesign approach encourages us to ask basic questions such as ‘What is the lifespan of a notebook?’ and ‘How is it used?’  Our hard work means that 64% of our products now carry an ecolabel.” »
 CO2 emissions for the lifecycle of a notebook

  • Responsible forest management: since 2003, HAMELIN has been committed to a responsible sourcing policy for raw materials, using exclusively paper from responsible sources certified FSC® or PEFCTM (BV-COC-140231).
  • Ecolabelling: Several years ago, HAMELIN made a strong commitment to introducing a more environmentally responsible approach encompassing the complete product lifecycle. In 2016, OXFORD notebooks were the first in France and Europe to be awarded the brand new EU Ecolabel for paper products. This provides recognition of our ongoing commitment to protecting the environment, thus reflecting the aspirations of our notebook users.  

Certification dates for Hamelin products

XFORD Sustainaiblity Dates of certifications for Hamelin products
  • HAMELIN requires its paper suppliers to provide environmental guarantees relating to reduction of water pollution (COD, AOX, Ntot, Ptot), air pollution (SO2, NOx, CO2), waste going to landfill, and energy consumption.    
What is the EU Ecolabel?
The EU Ecolabel was introduced in 1992 by the European Commission to single out products and services which are more environmentally friendly.  In 2014, a new category of products was created by the Commission:  paper products. This label certifies the reduced environmental impact of paper products across their lifecycle, from raw material through to end of life. This commitment includes factors such as the use of certified paper, reduced air and water pollution, paper waste reduction and lower energy consumption.  A growing number of OXFORD products have been awarded the label since autumn 2016.  This has the benefit of allowing customers to make more informed choices about environmental impact.


  • In 2015, HAMELIN joined SOFEA (Sustainable Office European Association), a European association based in Brussels which brings together office supply stakeholders working jointly to create a simple, credible European rating system for users, manufacturers and distributors.


In order to create value and be innovative, it is important for HAMELIN and OXFORD to reflect the expectations and requirements of consumers, customers and suppliers. In-house processes have been introduced to anticipate new trends, gain an understanding of our users, and develop pioneering products.
In order to reduce the wastage, useless time, and unnecessary costs, we have introduced LEAN management methodology within the Hamelin Group.
We have also implemented a legislation tracking system to ensure compliance with the law.    
Lastly, we encourage our suppliers to follow the principles set out in our Sustainable Supply Chain Policy to ensure that economic and sustainability criteria are factored into their activities.